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Pre-Order/Back-Order/Confirmed&Not Confirmed Slot/Cut Stock

What is Pre-Order

Preorder is applicable for product that are not ready-stock and still in-production and waiting for batch to batch release by Manufacturer.

Why Should Pre-Order

Manufacturers will take order worldwide and only produce limited quantity based on how much orders submitted to them. Hence, preorder is to ensure you SECURE your product before it is Sold Out. If item is Not Available/Found anymore in any market, buyer will have to purchase from reseller with unreasonable scalper price.

Preorder can enjoy Cheaper price before “Retail Price” or “Increasing” of price when item released to market. Once the order has been placed, you will immediately “LOCK” the current price without affected by any fluctuation in the future.


What is Back-Order

Back-Order means the current listed item has no ready-stock in our inventory and not available for same day delivery. By implementing back-order service in our business, this will ensure our inventory won’t be overloaded and which causes cash flow issue for the company. 

Usually our standard back-order takes around 5 – 7 Working Days to arrive at Malaysia from either local or overseas distributor or supplier.

However, DELAYS of shipments might happen frequently during Pandemic Covid nowadays due to SOP Restriction which Lack of Manpower and also Closure, Cancellation and Reschedule of Freight Airport and Dock shipment in overseas such as location at China, Hong Kong and Japan when there’s crew suspected or infected COVID 19.


Back-Order Vs Out of Stock

Many people get confused between the term’s backorders and out of stock. While backorder indicates an item will be back in stock sometime in the future when requested by customer, out of stock implies there isn’t a date for resupply and a possibility that there never will.



What is Confirmed Slot

Confirmed slot usually applies on item that are under Bandai “General Sales” channel.
By saying confirmed slot, it means the fulfill rate of an item will be 100% without any “Cut Stock issue occurs.



What is Not Confirmed Slot

Not Confirmed slot usually applies on item that are under Bandai “General Sales” channel.
The price of Not Confirmed slot does seems tempting when comparing to the price of confirmed slot. However, the fulfillment of the item is strictly subject to Bandai arrangement and their allocation to Malaysia.
Which means there is risk/possibility that our stock might not be fulfilled by the Bandai.
Hence, you’d been advice to preorder this at your own discretion/risk.




Why Does Cut Stock Issue Happens Frequently in Malaysia

Do note that “Cut Stock” issues will only occur in item of Bandai that under “General Sales” Channel.
In general, cut stock issue does happens in every region and country.

It is due to each production of items never appointed a specific production of quantity target. The production of item will typically come ended a few weeks or months before the official released date set by Bandai. Afterwards, Bandai will allocate how many units of item to each region’s distributor based on the total production that have been made in the end (Regardless of quantity).

Take note that usually high demand item will experience cut stock by Bandai with around 80 – 97% for Malaysia. From what we assume after being in this market for years and unfortunately, the main reason getting high ratio of cut stock by Bandai to distributor Malaysia is due to our distributor probably doesn't apply under a package of “Binding Purchase Order”.



What is Binding Purchase Order

Binding Purchase Order” meaning that purchasing of an item is compulsory to purchase with another specific item as well. In a scenario where in order to get ITEM A, you’re required to get ITEM B & ITEM C to fulfill your order amount of ITEM A.

Which means without placing order for ITEM B + ITEM C, you’re unable to placing order for ITEM A from Bandai. Moreover, we have spoken to overseas distributors and retailers and this is one of the reasons they always got allocated stock by Bandai for around 80-100%. (China & Hong Kong)


Or sadly and truth is, Bandai just didn’t care about the small market of Malaysia when comparing to China & Hong Kong which this is what we have to admit about it…


Why Binding Purchase Order Implemented
This is due to every item and each characters have either high demand or low demand in market. There will be inventory overload and overhead in Bandai if all low demand items are performing poorly.


Logically, despite Bandai’s understanding of specific item’s low demand in market, but due to IP (Intellectual Property) have been purchased, they had to proceed with production to recoup back the cost.