Bandai – DX Soul of Chogokin – Volt In Box – Choudenji Machine Voltes V


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What's in the box

■ Height: approx. 360mm.

■ V! Together! Let’s Bolt In!! There is always Voltez V in the revolution of united robot toys!

■ Kenichi Gou (voice: Yukinaga Shiraishi) shouts!
All 14 attack voices are activated with sound effects. In addition, a total of 27 types of lines, such as a coalescing call and calls during battle, will sound!
[Voltes Bazooka! ] [Super electromagnetic gomer! ] [Gatling Missile! ] [The Sky Sword! ] [V shaped slash! ]
5 bolt machines can be displayed with the motif of [Fortress Base/Big Falcon]!

■ Press the 5 buttons on the display pedestal to play 5 songs!
[Song of Voltes V] (Song: Mitsuko Horie)
[Boazin Army general attack started]
[Let’s Bolt In! ]
[Voltes Absolutely Dead]
[Death! Sky Sword V Shaped Sword]

■ Bolt Cruiser
[V gather! ] Kenichi’s determined jeriff sounds, and when the bolt bombers are united, a united sound is heard!

■ Bolt Bomber
Ippei Mine boarded the cockpit capsule of the Bolt Bomber.

■ Bolt Panzer
A coalescing sound is heard when a bolt bomber and a bolt frigate are combined!

■ Bolt Frigate
The bolt frigate is equipped with two voice ICs on the left and right of the leg. When the Bolt Lander is united, the left and right sounds are combined!

■ Boltlander
Lander drill appears when you open the shutters on the left and right!

■ Set content
・Unit 1 bolt cruiser
・Unit 2 bolt bomber
・Unit 3 bolt panzer
・Unit 4 bolt frigate
・Unit 5 bolt lander
・Hawk mechanism
・Boisin Army Disc
・Sky in the sky
・Voltes Bazooka
・Super electromagnetic sesame x 2
・Gatling missile x 2
・Chain knuckle x 2
・Super electromagnetic string left and right 1 pair
・Replacement hand parts left and right 4 types
・Right hand for bazooka
・Left hand assistant for bazooka
・Bolt bomber hidden wrist × 2
・Wrist joint x 2
・5 capsules for boarding
・V-shaped effect parts
・5 catapults
・Optional parts for bolt cruiser
・Falcon head
・Voltes Bazooka
・Super electromagnetic ball control device
・Posts for Voltes V Robo
・Display base
・LR41×3 LR44×7 AA battery (AA)×2 (with test battery)

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