P-Bandai – CSM Faiz Driver & Faiz Gear & Faiz Axel Ver.2 – Kamen Rider Faiz 555



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what's in the box

Set Contents
● Faiz Phone x 1
● Faiz Driver Set x 1
● Mission Memory x 1
● Faiz Pointer x 1
● Faiz Shot x 1
● Faiz Shot Holder x 1
● Leg Holder x 1
● Attachment Parts x 1
● Faiz Accelerator x 1
● Accel Memory x 1
● Projector x 1
● Instruction Manual x 1

Product size
● Faiz Phone : H 235mm x W 54mm x D 24mm
● Faiz Driver  : H 91mm x W 330mm x D 280mm (Girth size: approx. 75cm to 100cm)
● Mission Memory : H 31mm x W 58mm x D 8mm
● Faiz pointer : H 191mm x W 37mm x D 53mm 
● Faiz shot : H 91mm x W 120mm x D 40mm
● Faiz shot holder :  H 110mm x W 105mm x D 67mm
● Leg holder :  H 146mm x W 68mm x D 32mm
● Attachment parts :  H 35mm x W 50mm x D 30mm
● Faiz accelerator :  H 150mm x W 305mm x D 30mm
● Accel memory :  H 31mm x W 58mm x D 8mm 
● Projector : H 123mm x W 63mm x D 74mm

● Faiz Pointer : ABS/PC 
● Faiz Shot : ABS/PC 
● Faiz Shot Holder : ABS 
● Leg Holder : ABS/Nylon/POM 
● Attachment Parts : ABS 
● Faiz Accel : ABS/PC 
● Accel Memory : ZnDC/ABS/ 
● PC Projector :  ABS 

 ● AAA batteries x 11 (sold separately) AA batteries x 3 (sold separately)

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