Please take note that RELEASE DATE is NOT ARRIVAL DATE. They are two DIFFERENT things.

Manufacturer officially released certain amount of item and announced it into the public and market. Production might still be On-Going in order to fulfill enough quantity to worldwide retailers.

Covered byĀ Production Performance of manufacturer;Ā Freight Shipment andĀ Custom Clearance TimingĀ ofĀ EXPORT COUNTRYĀ andĀ IMPORT COUNTRY;Ā As well asĀ Manufacturer/Supplier dispatch timing to overseasĀ EXPORT WAREHOUSE.
Usually it takes around 1-3 months from theĀ Official Released DateĀ to arrive at Malaysia

Delays of shipment happens frequently during PandemicĀ CovidĀ nowadays due toĀ Closure, CancellationĀ andĀ Reschedule ofĀ Freight Airport andĀ DockĀ shipment in overseas such as China, Hong Kong, and Japan when there's crew suspected or affected COVID 19.

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