A back-order means that the listed item is not currently available in our inventory and is not available for same-day delivery. Implementing a back-order service in our business ensures that our inventory won’t be overloaded, which could cause cash flow issues for the company

Back-Order Procedure


Check with us via Email or WhatsApp regarding the stock availability and latest price.


Add to cart your favorite Back-Order item and place order.


Select your preferred payment method and checkout your item. 


After received payment and shipping fees, we’ll fulfill your order and provide a tracking number.

Usually, our standard back-order takes around 5-7 working days to arrive in Malaysia from either local or overseas distributors or suppliers. However, delays in shipments might happen frequently during the Covid pandemic due to SOP restrictions, lack of manpower, and closures, cancellations, and rescheduling of freight airport and dock shipments overseas.
Many people get confused between the term's backorders and out of stock. While backorder indicates an item will be back in stock sometime in the future when requested by customer, out of stock implies there isn't a date for resupply and a possibility that there never will.
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