Bandai – HG Huckebein Mk II – Super Robot Wars OG – 1/144 Scale


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What's in the box

From “Super Robot Wars OG”, the personal trooper “Huckebein Mk-II”, which was developed as a successor to Huckebein, is rolled out in the HG series with abundant weapons!
■ Movable gimmicks built in various places produce dynamic action. Gimmicks mounted on the chest, abdomen, and waist allow you to twist your waist.
■ “Chakram Shooter” can be attached to the left arm. By attaching a lead wire to the injection “chakram”, the wired injection state can be reproduced.
■ Convincing action poses are possible with a joint mechanism that is conscious of the grounding of the legs.
■ The large armament “G Impact Cannon” can take a shooting posture with deployment gimmicks in various places and joints on the waist.
■ Characteristic weapons such as “Photon Rifle” and “Beam Sword” are included.

■ Hand parts x 1
■ Chakram shooter x 1
■ Replacement chakram x 1
■ Beam sword x 2
■ G impact cannon x 1
■ Photon rifle x 1
■ Seal x 1
■ Lead wire x 1
■ Display base x 1

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