P-Bandai – Figure Rise Standard – Kamen Rider Ryuga – Kamen Rider Ryuki – 1/12 Scale

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what's in the box

◆ Reproduce Kamen Rider Ryuga with new modeling

A different shape from Kamen Rider Ryuki is reproduced with new modeling. Impressive black and gold coloring is reproduced with molding colors and stickers.

The red eye, solid face mask, and crest on the forehead that are different from Ryuki are molded with new parts. The “non-light emitting” state can also be reproduced with a replacement type.

New molding of Ryuga’s crest V buckle and soles.

◆ Reproduce the Advent card (Ryuga)

5 types of Advent cards are included with PET material. Advent cards can be loaded into the black drag visor!

◆ Drag Blacker and Drag Claw are included!

The drag blacker is a big size with a total length of about 630mm!

Using the included display pedestal, you can recreate scenes from the play in combination with Ryuga!


Comes with expressive hand parts,

“Sword Vent” and “Guard Vent” using some parts of Drag Blacker.

“Strike Vent” can be reproduced with dedicated drag claw parts!


◆ Delivered in a newly drawn full-color package!

Product content)

・ Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider Ryuga

・ Drag Blacker / Advent Card Set / Display Base Set / Drag Claw Parts

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