BandaI – MGSD Freedom Gundam – Gundam Seed Destiny – Master Grade SD


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What's in the box

MG technology is integrated into the body of SD Gundam!
Freedom Gundam appears from the new dimension SD high-end brand “MGSD”, packed with the best movement performance and gimmicks in the history of the SD series, and overwhelming detail expression!
â– Overall height about 115mm. Many parts of the internal frame are equipped with movable gimmicks, realizing smooth movement.
â– The main camera and twin eyes are represented with a dual structure using clear parts.
â–  New technology “Real Metallic Gloss Injection” is adopted in various places to pursue metallic expressions.
â– Equipped with a reflection mechanism of the new technology “Reflection Cut” in the clear parts inside the wing binder.
â– Further precision is added by making the molding color of the external armor a 2-tone color configuration.
â– The head is highly movable with 3 axes. The internal structure allows for directing such as pulling the chin and sticking out the face.
â– With multiple movable axes built into the torso, it can swing left and right, and tilt forward and backward in a wide range of motion.
â– By swinging the hip joints, the range of motion of the legs is greatly increased.
â–  A swing mechanism is installed on the shoulder joint to enhance the range of motion of the arm. Equipped with an extension gimmick on the forearm, it is possible to bend the arm deeply.
â–  Equipped with interlocking and extension gimmicks on the thighs. When bending the legs, the knee armor and the vernier on the back of the knee work together to ensure a range of motion. In addition, the toes are movable to achieve a natural kneeling even though it is SD.

â–  Beam rifle x 1
â–  Shield x 1
â–  Beam saber blade x 2
â–  Marking sticker x 1

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